America's Energy: Global Dominance

In 2008, my book, The Braking Point was released. Four years later, in 2012, my book America Needs America’s Energy: Creating Together the People’s Energy Plan! was released.

To observe the progress and advancement of research, technology and applications were dramatic between 2008 and 2012. During those four years the US did not have a strategic energy plan.

A viable energy industry requires that the private and public sectors work together. Since I entered the energy business in 1977, the industry has continually been forced to defend itself. For example, in 1985 I testified before the US Senate and Natural Resources Committee on the potentially devastating effects that proposed regulations could have on the oil and gas industry in terms of job loss and reductions in drilling expenditures at a time when this vital industry most needed support.

American oil and gas companies have a history of being major contributors to their communities by providing funds for local schools, hospitals, and charities. To achieve global energy dominance, the American people need to rally behind these companies and recognize the essential role they play in powering our lives 24/7 at home and at work.

A recent article, July 31st, in Investor’s Business Daily, it was stated that “the US is fast becoming the world’s dominant energy provider and should make it a national priority to pursue this opportunity vigorously. At stake are vast economic and foreign policy benefits.” The article focuses on seven reasons America should seek energy dominance: 1) Good paying, secure middle-class jobs, 2) Lower energy costs are essential for reviving US manufacturing, 3) Catalyst for US infrastructure development, 4) An improving trade balance, 5) Meeting the world’s growing demand for energy, 6) Helping the world’s poor, and 7) Peaceable way to strengthen America’s global influence.

The oil and gas industry touches all of our lives daily. There are men and women taking care in making sure—24/7 that the consumer has the necessary energy to maintain a standard of life. Energy is the future of America and America Needs America’s Energy!