What is National Energy Talk?

Net Is National.

NET is a platform engaging a national dialogue on energy issues, views and solutions. We address the needs, plans and issues that all types of energy face today. Through discussion, we can create a national energy vision.

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The founding principle of NET remains steadfast: the availability of reasonably priced energy is paramount to the economic and business development both in the United States and in other countries around the world.

History of Net

In 1992, National Energy Talk founder, Mark A. Stansberry, launched the first International Energy Policy Conference. Since its inception, the conference has hosted dignitaries, Fortune 500 companies, industry experts, ambassadors, and delegations to discuss energy efficiency, environmental preservation, and the whys, hows and solutions of a national and international energy plan. The conference, which originally launched in Oklahoma City area, has hosted events in Washington D.C., Houston, Tulsa, Denver and Dallas.

Net Present and Future

With the launch of National Energy Talk (NET), what once was an annual conference has expanded into a media-driven platform with year-round engagement. Today NET is helping lead a national dialogue on energy issues, views and solutions through events, publications, video, audio and online content. NET believes in the power of people – nothing moves without energy.

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