America First Energy Plan

During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump stated that he would “implement an ‘America First’ energy plan that enables the US to become the world’s dominant leader in energy production, and gets the government out of the way of innovation within all forms of energy.”

Donald Trump, the candidate, stated that he would develop “a regulatory and legislative roadmap”:  that would:   rescind Obama’s executive actions and regulations that are outdated, unnecessary, bad for workers, illegal, or contrary to the national interest, including the Climate Action Plan, and ‘waters of the US’ rule; lift moratoriums on energy production in federal areas; support the Keystone XL Pipeline and other important infrastructure projects; revoke policies that impose unwarranted restrictions on new drilling technologies; ensure affordable, reliable, clean electricity from coal, natural gas, nuclear, hydropower, solar, wind and other domestic sources; encourage the use of free-market principles in energy policy instead of the federal government choosing winners and losers; end US involvement in the Paris Climate Agreement and stop payments of US tax dollars to UN global warming programs; restore the important role of the US coal in the American economy; select top officials at the Department of Energy, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Interior, and other relevant federal agencies who will faithfully execute the laws of the US, implement policies that are consistent with an American First energy plan, and not seek to use their power to push an extreme environmental agenda.” 

In 2012, my book “America Needs America’s Energy:  Creating Together the People’s Energy Plan” was released.  Since that time, The Energy Advocates and I have gone around the country making speeches before high school and college audiences, and rallying the energy industry at events including the National Association of Royalty Owners Annual Convention, Shreveport Wildcatters Association, San Antonio Wildcatters Association, Desk and Derrick clubs, International Energy Policy Conferences and roundtables…; interviewed and aired on over 150 radio stations; written weekly and monthly newspaper columns; hosted weekly radio show; and interviewed on numerous media outlets.  America Needs America’s Energy Facebook page has over 21,700 supporters/likes of this writing from all 50 states and several countries since the campaign began in 2012. It has received several national awards, read by many outside the energy industry.  Our message, America Needs an Energy Plan, a roadmap, has been clear, “future generations are depending on us to keep the American dream alive.  We must drive the process, evaluating how we can best leverage our natural resources here at home to ensure long-term energy independence and security”.

Pro-energy means pro-economic growth and pro-jobs! It is time to implement a national energy plan. It is time to tell our story.

From President Nixon in the 70s to President Obama, we have been told time and again that an energy policy is in the works and a national energy plan is on the way.  Will the US adopt an energy plan, as we have been advocating, under a Trump Administration?

During the campaign, Donald Trump stated that he “supports a major increase in US energy production, including oil and gas in offshore areas and on federal lands.  My administration will pursue an America First energy plan that unleashes the vast energy resources of this nation for the benefit of the American people, bringing jobs and a stronger economy. — and states, we have too many costly, burdensome, and unwise regulations that are bad for Americans and do little or no good.”

Pro-energy means pro-economic growth and pro-jobs!  It is time to implement a national energy plan.  It is time to tell our story.  

America Needs America’s Energy!  And America Needs an Energy Plan!