Now is the Time to Tell Our Energy Story

It’s Time to Tell Our Energy Story: 43 years ago, this spring, marked the founding of the Energy Advocates in Tulsa. The Energy Advocates was founded by a group of oil and gas executives in response to the 1973-74 oil embargo. Today, as then, the organization believes that it is critical for those of us in the energy industry to rise to the challenge and make a difference when it comes to energy issues.

Today’s energy story is be- ing advanced under the theme of “National Energy Talk.” In 1992, I founded and launched the rst International Energy Policy Conference. In the late 1990s, The Energy Advocates became an active sponsor/participant of the conference. Since its inception, the conference has hosted dignitaries, Fortune 500 companies, industry experts, ambassadors, and delegations to discuss energy efficiency, environmental preservation, and the whys, hows and solutions of a national energy plan. The Tulsa-based conference has been held in Tulsa, Washington, D.C., Houston, Oklahoma City, Denver, and Dallas as well as other cities throughout the U.S. 

The importance of a dialogue, “National Energy Talk,” is very important in public energy edu- cation. We found, for example, that our Facebook wall “Nation- al Energy Talk - America Needs America’s Energy” has a follow- ing/likes of over 22,000 people across the United States. Three regional oil and gas associations in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas have a combined total of 2,100 followers/likes on their Face- book walls. Therefore, this is an example of an area that National Energy Talk can definitely complement the industry and be an active voice on social media. 

With the launch of National Energy Talk, (NET), what once was an annual conference has expanded into a media-driven platform with year-round engagement. NET will help lead a national dialogue on energy issues, views, and solutions through events, publications, video, audio and online content. NET believes in the power of people, that “nothing moves without energy.” 

NET is Local, State, Regional and National. 

NET is a platform engaging a dialogue on energy issues, views and solutions. We will address the needs, plans and issues that all types of energy face today. Through discussion, we can create an energy vision. 

The founding principle of NET remains steadfast: the availability of reasonably-priced energy is paramount to the economic and business development both in the United States and in other countries around the world. NET officially launched May 1. 

An important part of our efforts is having the support of our column in GTR Newspapers! 

The 2017 NET Oklahoma events will include in Tulsa a higher education event and roundtable; in Elk City (where I began my career in the oil and gas industry, 40 years ago, June 1, 1977) with an industry appreciation Bar-B-Que and key- note address; in Edmond a State and Federal Energy Dialogue Lecture and Roundtable; and in Oklahoma City, an awards ceremony with a keynote speaker and roundtable. 

The website will launch this summer. 

“Future generations are depending on us. The time has come for all of us, the people, to take control of our energy future here in America!” 

Mark A. Stansberry is Chairman of the GTD Group, an award-winning author and an Energy Advocate.